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Every Saturday we give you a chance to get to know a new or up-and-coming band. This week, Afterlife are in the spotlight. The Florida alternative metal band’s debut EP is Vicious Cycle. Vocalist Tyler Levenson introduces us to Afterlife.

Chad Bowar: Give us a brief history of Afterlife.

Tyler Levenson: Afterlife started in the summer of 2015. But completely behind closed doors, we began working with our producer Zach Jones and started to develop a concept for the band and for what would be our EP, now titled Vicious Cycle. We had a vision that we wanted to take the necessary time to develop and the better half of 2016 was spent filming music videos, shopping the record, and creating our brand.

Describe the writing and recording process for Vicious Cycle.

The writing/recording process was absolutely amazing. Working with Zach Jones was completely stress-free and he was able to bring our vision and ideas to life. We wanted to work with no boundaries and he really facilitated that for us.

How would you characterize the album’s style/sound?

The style of the EP is very unhinged,. We wanted to write and record an EP without any ceilings. The sound is very fresh, but also hints at feelings of nostalgia. It’s raw, aggressive, and captivating.

How did you come to sign with Stay Sick Recordings?

It all happened really fast and we couldn’t be any happier.

What are your expectations for the album?

It’s hard to say, considering we are a brand new band. But I believe the EP will do well because it’s honest with no gimmicks, so it’s easy for people to latch onto and love.

How was the video shoot for “Pain and Pleasure?”

Painful. [Laughs] The chains in the video were very real and weighed around 30 pounds each. So having them tied around my wrists for hours was not pleasant. But I believe it brought some authentic emotion to the video, because in a couple shots, you’re able to see me in discomfort.

You have an album release show schedule. Any other shows in the pipeline?

All I can say is expect Afterlife to be touring heavily in 2017.

What’s the best concert you’ve attended as a fan?

I flew to California this past September for Knotfest meets Ozzfest and it was absolutely insane. It was my fourth time seeing Slipknot and well worth the travel.

What’s the heavy music scene like in the West Palm Beach area?

That’s a hard question to answer, because our heavy music scene has dwindled over the years. But there are some bands keeping it alive like Cinderblock, Fame on Fire, Deviant and Sound of the Rodeo.

Seen any good movies or DVDs lately?

I recently saw Arrival and it blew my mind. Incredible film.

What’s currently in your heavy musical rotation?

Bad Omens, Cane Hill, Darke Complex and Loathe.

Anything else you’d like to mention or promote?

Thank you all for the already over whelming support and please buy our debut EP Vicious Cycle that’s out now on Stay Sick Recordings.

(interview published February 4, 2017)

Watch Afterlife – “Pain & Pleasure” Video

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