Heavy Metal Album Release Calendar

Release Calendar LogoHere’s a rundown of heavy metal and hard rock album release dates. They are supplied by record companies and subject to change. If you’d like to submit information for an album not listed, send us an email.

May 31, 2024

Abreaktion – Bornhatred EP (Chaos)
Adversarial – Solitude With The Eternal (Dark Descent)
Age Of Distraction – A Game Of Whispers (Self)
Anims – Good ‘n’ Evil (Sneakout)
The Antikaroshi – L’inertie Polaire (Exile On Mainstream)
Arhat – Secrets Of Ancient Gods (Self)
Auro Control – The Harp (Rockshots)
Bad Nerves – Still Nervous (Lowly)
Bad Omens – Concrete Jungle [The OST] (Sumerian)
Beaten To Death – Sunrise Over Rigor Mortis (Mas-Kina)
Black Diamonds – Destination Paradise (Metalopolis)
Black Wound – Warping Structure (Chaos)
Bloodbound – The Tales Of Nosferatu – Two Decades Of Blood (AFM)
Carnwennan – Lotus (Darkest)
Carrion Throne – The Feast Of Human Vices (Lacerated Enemy)
Chve – Kalvarie (Relapse)
Cloven Hoof – Heathen Cross (High Roller)
Cobra The Impaler – Karma Collision (Listenable)
Darkness – The Gasoline Solution Re-Release (Massacre)
Dekadent – Dionyst (Dusktone)
Downpour – Hope EP (Self)
Drive By Wire – Time Horizon (Argonauta)
Dune – Years Of Chains EP (Self)
Dusk – Industrie (Self)
Eat Your Own Head – The Trawler EP (Drongo)
Ebba Bergkvist & The Flat Tire Band – Four Wings (The Sign)
Ebony Archways – Misanthropia (Kvlt Und Chaos)
Eld Fen – O’ Great Wurm (Syrup Moose)
Enquire Within – Elysium EP (Self)
Enuff Z’Nuff – The 1987 Demos (Cleopatra)
Envig – Eskatos (At Dawn)
Ereley – Garden (Wormholedeath)
Eternal Hunt – An Era Of Shame (Drowning In Chaos)
Euge Valovirta – Hardtones (Gramophone)
Exodus – British Disaster: The Battle Of ’89 (Live At The Astoria) (Nuclear Blast)
Four Stroke Baron – Data Diamond (Prosthetic)
Gaylord – Baseball Bats And Butterfly Knives (Blackened Death)
Grain Of Pain – The Moon Lights The Way (Noble Demon)
Halcyon Way – Night Crawling EP (Agonia)
Haunted Plasma – I (Svart)
Heksegrav – Svart Portal (The Lasting Dose)
Hellbutcher – Hellbutcher (Metal Blade)
High Desert Queen – Palm Reader (Magnetic Eye)
The Hope Conspiracy – Tools Of Oppression/Rule By Deception (Deathwish)
House By The Cemetary – The Mortuary Hauntings (Pulverised)
Hubble – Hubble (Self)
The Human Condition – Foundations (Self)
Ian Highhill – Gallows (Self)
Idol Throne – A Clarion Call (Stormspell)
Kickhunter – Greatest Kicks (Metalopolis)
Laetitia In Holocaust – Fanciulli D’Occidente (Dusktone)
Laughing Stock – Shelter (Apollon)
Lock Horns – Red Room (The Distortion Project)
Louvado Abismo – Louvado Abysmo (Half Beast)
Lowlives – Freaking Out (Spinefarm)
Marjana Semkina – Sirin (Self)
Million Moons – I May Be Some Time (Self)
My Diligence – Death.Horses.Black (Listenable)
Myronath – Inferno (Dusktone)
Nekrodawn – Sculpted By Torture (Legions Of Bane)
Nemus Anima – The God Of Forest (Self)
Nestor – Teenage Rebel (Napalm)
New Hate Rising – As One (Dead Serious)
Nihilo – Made Of Lies (Iron, Blood And Death)
Origod – Impression (Argonauta)
Our Noise – Our Noise (Epictronic)
Perfect Sky – Hunting Demons EP (WTF)
Psychotic Waltz – Bleeding Re-Release (InsideOut)
Psychotic Waltz – A Social Grace Re-Release (InsideOut)
Redwood – Dry Rivers EP (Self)
Reliqa – Secrets Of The Future (Nuclear Blast)
Rhapsody Of Fire – Challenge The Wind (AFM)
Rötual – Wörms EP (Self)
Saltpig – Saltpig (Heavy Psych Sounds)
Semuta – Glacial Erratic (Self)
Shrapnel – In Gravity (Candlelight)
Sig:Ar:Tyr – Citadel Of Stars (Hammerheart)
Sons Of Gulliver – Sons Of Gulliver EP (Self)
Stormcrow – Path To Ascension (Time To Kill)
Suffering Souls – An Iconic Taste Of Demise (Satanath)
Supermodel Taxidermy – At What Cost (Punishment 18)
Swampbeast – Offering Of Chaos, Lamenting In The Blood Of Man (Translation Loss)
Sykofant – Sykofant (Self)
Thou – Umbilical (Sacred Bones)
The Troops Of Doom – A Mass To The Grotesque (Alma Mater)
Tsatthoggua – We Are God (Osmose)
Tyr – Best Of – The Napalm Years (Napalm)
Varices – The Undoing (Self)
Vicolo Inferno – Circles (Rockshots)
Vios – SlaveForm (Lydian Impulse)
Witherfall – Sounds Of The Forgotten (Deathwave)
Wormwood – The Star (Black Lodge)
Young Acid – Murder At Maple Mountain (Majestic Mountain)
Zero One – Faults In My Design EP (Self)

June 7, 2024

Aatmaa – Cataclysm (Self)
Ad Patres – Unbreathable (Non Serviam)
Aetheria Conscientia – The Blossoming (Frozen)
Against The Seasons – If The Ocean Could Sing (Self)
Alberto Rigoni – Unexpected Lullabies (Sliptrick)
Amen Corner – Written By The Devil (Hammerheart)
Anael – Mare (Paragon)
Apocalyptica – Apocalyptica Plays Metallica Vol. 2 (Throwdown)
Ascalapha – Somber Vampyric Night (ATMF)
Ashes Reborn – In Captivity (Firecum)
Axamenta – Spires EP (Self)
Aythis – Celestial Exile (Self)
Between The Killings – The Killing Quartet Vol. 2: Omnipotence EP (Comatose)
Black Totem – III: Sacrifice Tonite (Svart)
Blynd – Unbeliever (Pitch Black)
Bon Jovi – Forever (Island)
Brazen Tongue – Of Crackling Embers & Sorrows Drowned (Self)
Cactus – Temple Of Blues – Influences & Friends (Cleopatra)
Candy – It’s Inside You (Relapse)
Carnivore – Carnivore Re-Release (Dissonance)
Chrome Waves – >Lost Horizon – Live 1/5/2024 (Disorder)
Cianalas – Far Beyond Healing (Self)
The Crooked Fiddle Band – The Free Wild Wind & The Songs Of Birds (Art As Catharsis)
Cruce Signatus – Cruce Signatus (Self)
DarWin – Five Steps On The Sun (Phantom)
Deathwish – The Fourth Horseman (Beer City)
Desultory – Darkness Falls (The Early Years) (Darkness Shall Rise)
Devil Moon Risen – Fissures Of Men (Self)
Disciple B.C. – Blood. Power. Sacrifice. (Scene Report)
Dislimn – Esmee EP (Octopus Rising)
Dvrk – Infinite Reminiscence EP (Season Of Mist)
Elour – Blood Running (Epictronic)
Enter Shikari – Dancing On The Frontline (SO)
Ernte – Weltenzerstörer (Vendetta)
Evergrey – Theories Of Emptiness (Napalm)
Eynomia – Sea Of Tears (Mirror Image)
Factory Of Art – Back To Life (Self)
Fatal Torture – Savage Depths Of Hell EP (Fiadh)
The Fires Below – Thorns EP (Self)
Fool The Masses – It’s All Lost (Dr. Music)
Fractal Generator – Convergence (Everlasting Spew)
From Ashes To New – Blackout Deluxe (Better Noise)
Glyph – Odes Of Wailing, Hymns Of Mourning (Shape Of Storms)
Gom Jabbar – Obsidian Black Carrion EP (Darkwoods)
Grand Demise Of Civilization – The Blaze Of Abaddon (Ordovician)
Grand Slam – Wheel Of Fortune (Silver Lining)
Gurt – Satan Etc. (When Planets Collide)
Hippotraktor – Stasis (Pelagic)
Holycide – Towards Idiocracy (Xtreem)
Holy Mother – Rise (Massacre)
Houle – Ciel Cendre et Misere Noire (LADLO)
The Hu – Live At Glastonbury (Better Noise)
Huntsmen – The Dry Land (Prosthetic)
Incipient Chaos – Incipient Chaos (I, Voidhanger)
Inconcessus Lux Lucis – Temples Colliding In Fire (I, Voidhanger)
Insect Ark – Raw Blood Singing (Debemur Morti)
Intranced – Muerte y Metal (High Roller)
Issa – Another World (Frontiers)
Konigreichssaal – Psalmen’o’delirium (Godz Ov War)
Loose Articles – Scream If You Wanna Go Faster (Alcopop)
Loverboy – Live In ’82 (earMusic)
Machukha – Mochari (Consouling Sounds)
Missing Link – Watch Me Bleed (Triple B)
Murf – Already Dead (Learning Curve)
Mythraeum – Oblivion Aeternam (M-Theory)
The Nausea – Reqiuiem (Absurd Exposition)
Necrocene – Detrimental Paratomy EP (Personal)
Nightmare – Encrypted (AFM)
Noroth – Sacrificial Solace (Carbonized)
Nox – Entity (Neuropa)
Odio Deus – Spiritual Syphilis (Wormholedeath)
Octohawk – Determinist (Crime)
Okular – Regenerate (Self)
The Omnific – The Law Of Augmenting Returns (Wild Thing)
Ordalie – Indifferent Universe (Paragon)
Orquesta del Desierto – Orquesta del Desierto Re-Release (Heavy Psych Sounds)
P/O Massacre – Sonic Oblivion (Utech)
Poobah – Burning In The Rain: A Poobah Anthology (Ripple)
Porcupine – All Is Vapor (New Mortality)
Rarity – Lower Feeling (New Damage)
Red Vanilla – Days Of Grey EP (Self)
Red Voodoo – Red Voodoo EP (Self)
Relicon – Consequences Of Disbelief EP (Wormholedeath)
Render Me Useless – Past Tense (Self)
Richard Henshall – Mu Vol. 1 EP (Self)
Scorched Earth – The Day Of The Damned (Music)
Sect – Plagues Upon Plagues (Southern Lord)
Severe Torture – Torn From The Jaws Of Death (Season Of Mist)
Sotory – Unspoken (UPhobia)
Swelling Repulsion – Fatally Misguided (Transcending Obscurity)
Syl – afmagt EP (Audible)
Tachanka/There Is No Light Here – Stigmergy Split EP (Syrup Moose)
Thanatotherion – Alienation Manifesto (I, Voidhanger)
Umbra Vitae – Light Of Death (Deathwish)
Void Commander – Alien Queen (Majestic Mountain)
Voidgazer – Dance Of The Undesirables (Reigning Phoenix)
Void Moon – Dreams Inside The Sun (Personal)
Vomit The Soul – Massive Incineration (Unique Leader)
Web – Burden Of Destiny (Firecum)
Withering Surface – Exit Plan (Mighty)
World Times Three – In Hearts And Stone (Half Empty)
WyndRider – Revival (Electric Valley)
Zorza – Helleven (Godz Ov War)

June 14, 2024

96 Bitter Beings – Return To Hellview (Nuclear Blast)
Airbag – The Century Of The Self (Karisma)
Al-Namrood – Al Aqrab (Shaytan)
Ammify – Lost, Not Hiding (Wormholedeath)
Ancient Guard – Nightfall Enthroned EP (Iron Bonehead)
Angel Sword – World Fighter (Dying Victims)
Antiflesh – Hosanna (Theogonia)
Apes – Pestilence (Secret Swarm)
Atlantis Drive – Atlantis Drive (Pride & Joy)
Axel Rudi Pell – Risen Symbol (Steamhammer/SPV)
Black Country Communion – V (Self)
Cadaverous Condition – Never Arrive, Never Return (The Circle)
Chained – Cut Out The Stigma EP (Upstate)
Crypt Sermon – The Stygian Rose (Dark Descent)
Darkend – Viaticum (Time To Kill)
Datura – Obsidian (Self)
Dendera – Mask Of Lies (Rockshots)
Desolat – Get Sick And Let Me Watch You Die (Reptilian)
Dreamslain – Forge Of Rebellion (Self)
Drought – Drought EP (Iodine)
Eivør – ENN (Season Of Mist)
Embryonic Autopsy – Origins Of The Deformed (Massacre)
Forn – The Departure Of Consciousness Re-Release (Persistent Vision)
Fu Manchu – The Return Of Tomorrow (At The Dojo)
Glitter Litter – Shocks To Sleeping Beauties (Self)
Golgotha – Spreading The Wings Of Hope (Ardua)
Impact Approved – Way Of The Warrior (Wormholedeath)
Inherits The Void – Scars Of Yesteryears (Avantgarde)
Ira Tenax – Dark Awakening (MDD)
Julie Christmas – Ridiculous And Full Of Blood (Red Crk)
Kerasfora – Six Nights Beyond The Serpents Threshold (Iron Bonehead)
Legionary – Prison Realm EP (Self)
Lucifer’s Hammer – Be And Exist (Dying Victims)
Malignancy – …Discontinued (Willowtip)
Miasmic Serum – Infected Seed (Chaos)
Millennial Reign – World On Fire (Ulterium)
Mono – Oath (Pelagic)
Mythologik – Blood In The Sky (Self)
Nel Buio – Nel Buio EP (Avantgarde)
No Wayne – Sjöhagsvägen EP (Self)
Onlap – Waves (AFM)
Orquesta del Desierto – Two Re-Release (Heavy Psych Sounds)
Paradise In Flames – Blindness (Demoncratic)
Perchta – D’Muata (Prophecy)
Questing Beast – Birth (Self)
The Red Scare – Smoky Mountain High Re-Release (Solid Brass)
Returned To The Earth – Stalagmite Steeple (Giant Electric Pea)
RivetSkull – Absence Of Time (Self)
Royal Rage – Evolve (Sliptrick)
Shamash – Done With Misery (Rottweiler)
Shotgun Mistress – Shot Down (Self)
Siculicidium – A Halál Tengely (Sun & Moon)
Siculicidium – Az Elidegenedés Melankóliája (Sun & Moon)
Sibiir – Undergang (Fysisk Format)
Solar Temple and Dead Neanderthals – Embers Beget The Divine (Consouling Sounds)
Spaceman Sir – The Great Filter (Self)
Squid Pisser – Dreams Of Puke (Skin Graft)
Stand Still – Steps Ascending (Daze)
Stonekind – Hollow Ground (Self)
Sulo – Rough Diamond + Rare Gems And Rowdy Tracks (Wild Kingdom)
Sunburst – Manifesto (Inner Wound)
Sun Descends Alone – Of Everlasting Cravings (L’Arte Produce)
Supuration – Still In The Sphere Re-Release (Xtreem)
Torturer’s Lobby – Deadened Nerves (Caligari)
UFO – Ain’t Misbehavin’ Re-Release (Cleopatra)
Ulcerate – Cutting The Throat Of God (Debemur Morti)
Various Artists – NEF100: Burn After Hearing (Nefarious)
Vendel – Out In The Fields (Dying Victims)
We Broke The Weather – Restart Game (Argonauta)
Wound Collector – Begging For Chicxulub EP (Self)
Wurgilnõ – Krijtland (Fetzner Death)
Zu – The Lost Demo (Subsound)

June 21, 2024

Abysmal Winds – Magna Pestilencia (I Hate)
Adelon – Resurgence EP (Self)
Aklash – Reincarnation (Self)
Alcest – Les Chants De L’Aurore (Nuclear Blast)
Ancient Entities – Echoes Of Annihilation (Self)
Anthropophagus Depravity – Demonic Paradise (Comatose)
Arka’n Asrafokor – Dzikkuh (Reigning Phoenix)
Aseethe – The Cost (Thrill Jockey)
Assimilator – Expelled Into Suffering EP (HPGD)
Aussichtslos – Schicksalstotschlag (Purity Through Fire)
Aydra – Hyperlogical Non-Sense Re-Release (Rude Awakening)
Bangladeafy – Vulture (Nefarious Industries)
Black Veil Brides – Bleeders EP (Spinefarm)
Blóð – Mara (Talheim)
Brunsten – Ethyl (Forbidden Place)
Cainites – Revenant (Scarlet)
Cavalera – Schizophrenia (Nuclear Blast)
Chateaux – Spirit Of The Chateaux Box Set (Dissonance)
Codex Mortis – Tales Of Woe (Black Lion)
Coral The MerKnight – Vs. The Beasts Of Burdentown (Self)
Construct Of Lethe – A Kindness Dealt In Venom (Transcending Obscurity)
Danava – Live (Heavy Psych Sounds)
Derelict – Versus Entropy (Self)
earthtone9 – In Resonance Nexus (Candlelight)
Feed Them Death – The Malady (Brucia)
Floating Worlds – Skywatcher (Self)
Foreign Hands – What’s Left Unsaid (SharpTone)
Forest Field – Mystery & Mayhem (Self)
Gasket – Babylon EP (Blue Grape)
The Ghost Next Door – Classic Songs Of Death And Dismemberment (Ripple)
Gorgatron – Sentience Revoked (Redefining Darkness)
Greenleaf – The Head & The Habit (Magnetic Eye)
Grim Colossus – Descent Into Madness (Self)
Ground2A – Communication (Dead Serious)
Horseburner – Voice Of Storms (Blues Funeral)
Hyperdontia – Harvest Of Malevolence (Dark Descent)
King Bastard – From Whence They Came (Self)
Kittie – Fire (Sumerian)
Kraanerg – Heart Of A Cherry Pit Sun (Not Music)
Kvaen – The Formless Fires (Metal Blade)
Les Chants Du Hasard – Livre Quart (Self)
L.M.I. – Failed To Feel It (HPGD)
Marillion – An Hour Before It’s Dark: Live in Port Zélande 2023 (earMusic)
The Mercury Riots – In Solstice (Self)
Mylingen – Under En Svart Himmel (Self)
Neonfly – Master Tapes – 10 years Live At Masters Of Rock EP (Noble Demon)
Paragnosis – Paragnosis EP (Self)
Portrait – The Host (Metal Blade)
Qaalm – First Light Of The Last Dawn EP (Hypaethral)
Release The Titans – Odyssey (Self)
Rendezvous Point – Dream Chaser (Long Branch)
Replacire – The Center That Cannot Hold (Season Of Mist)
Rifflord – 39 Serpent Power (Ripple)
Sarke – Endo Feight (Soulseller)
Seven Spires – A Fortress Called Home (Frontiers)
Seventh Dimension – Of Hope & Ordeals (Corrupted)
Shadow Witch – Eschaton (The End Of All Things) (Argonauta)
Sons Of Arrakis – Volume II (Black Throne)
Spaceships Over Glasgow – Blutmond (Self)
Sumac – The Healer (Thrill Jockey)
Tether – Mirror Work EP (Self)
Unholy Craft – Saa Morkt, Saa Mektig (Purity Through Fire)
Valerian Swing – Liminal (Pax Aeturnum)
Vexing Hex – Solve Et Coagula (Wise Blood)
Voraath – Vol 1: The Hymn Of The Hunters (Exitus Strategem)
Wage War – Stigma (Fearless)
Wharflurch – Shittier/Slimier (Dawnbreed)
Wild Spelks – A House Full Of Strangers EP (Self)
Windswept – Der Eine, Wahre Konig EP (Primitive Reaction)
YR – Maanelyst EP (Hellstain)

June 28, 2024

200 Stab Wounds – Manual Manic Procedures (Metal Blade)
Ainu – Ainu (Subsound)
Altar Of Oblivion – In The Cesspit Of Divine Decay (From The Vaults)
Amarok – Resilience (Vulture Print)
Anvil – One And Only (AFM)
Axids/Knelt Before – Split Screen Split EP (Self)
Banks Arcade – A Muse EP (UNFD)
Big Sun – Rite Of Passage (Mighty)
Commander – Angstridden (MDD)
Crocell – Of Frost, Of Flame, Of Flesh (Emanzipation)
Crossfaith – AЯK (UNFD)
Crystal Viper – The Silver Key (Listenable)
Drift Into Black – Voices Beneath The Rubble (Black Lion)
The Eternal – Skinwalker (Reigning Phoenix)
The Exies – Closure EP (Self)
Gjendod – Livskramper (Osmose)
Habak – Insania Re-Release (Persistent Vision)
Hail Spirit Noir – Fossil Gardens (Agonia)
Harpazo – The Crucible (Rockshots)
Hipoxia – Fragmented Revelations (Darkwoods)
Illdisposed – In Chambers Of Sonic Disgust (Massacre)
Imposter – Oblivion Opens (Quality Control HQ)
Kirkebrann – Mot Trellenes Forfall… (Hellstain)
Kybalion – A Crippled Power EP (Void Wanderer)
Limbonic Art – Opus Daemonical (Kyrck)
Louise Patricia Crane – Netherworld (Peculiar Doll)
Love Letter – Everyone Wants Something Beautiful (Iodine)
Meslamtaea/The Color Of Rain – Nihil Vincit Omnia Split (Zwaertgevegt)
The Mourning – Hush (Self)
Nebula/Black Rainbows – In Search Of The Cosmic Tale: Crossing The Galactic Portal Split (Heavy Psych Sounds)
Naera – All Is Dust (Metal Blade)
Necronomicon Ex Mortis – You And Your Friends Are Dead: Game Over EP (Self)
Niro Knox – Save Me (Self)
Nothing More – Carnal (Better Noise)
Oh Hiroshima – All Things Shining (Pelagic)
Pijn – From Low Beams Of Hope (Floodlit)
Pia Isa – Dissolve (Argonauta)
Sabire – Jatt (Listenable)
Sear Bliss – Heavenly Down (Hammerheart)
Shade Of Sorrow – Upon The Fields Of Grief (M-Theory)
Shumaun – Opposing Mirrors (Self)
Stillborn – Netherworlds (Black Lodge)
Sunbomb – Light Up The Sky (Frontiers)
Sunfall – Les Morts Sont Nés Ici (Out Of Line)
TKO – Total Knock Out – The Complete TKO Box Set (Lemon)
Torvus – Words Within (Self)
Trogg – Horrors Beyond Doubt (Self)
Upright Forms – Blurred Wires (Skin Graft)
Warhog – The Dystopian Chronicles Vol. 1 EP (Self)
White Stones – Memoria Viva (Reigning Phoenix)
Winter Eternal – Echoes Of Primordial Gnosis (Hells Headbangers)
Wraith – Fueled By Fear (Prosthetic)
X-Cops – Xcab EP (Pit)

July 5, 2024

Akhlys – House Of The Black Geminus (Debemur Morti)
Azketem – Azketem (Darkness Shall Rise)
Baryon – Hypnos (Self)
Black Hole Deity – Profane Geometry (Everlasting Spew)
The Blast Wave – ΩMega-Drive (Music)
Bloodcross – Gravebound (Personal)
Cryptic Hatred – Internal Torment (Time To Kill)
Filthy Hippies – Share The Pill (Mongrel)
Horned Almighty – Contagion Zero (Soulseller)
The House Flies – Mannequin Deposit (Self)
Inerth – Hybris EP (Abstract Emotions)
Innuendo – Jigsaw Sunset (Self)
iwatchyousleep – The Killing Of Character (Self)
Kick The Giant – Presence (Inverse)
Kissin’ Dynamite – Back With A Bang (Napalm)
Kryptos – Decimator (AFM)
Letallis – A Thousand And One Nights – Chapter 1 EP (Self)
Liminal Shroud – Visions Of Collapse (Willowtip)
Luca – Azalea EP (Self)
Malconfort – Humanism (Transcending Obscurity)
Mine Road – Tomorrow’s Sky (Self)
Motivik – Renouncement (Roxx)
Nifelheim – Unholy Death (Darkness Shall Rise)
Nyktophobia – To The Stars (Self)
Octoploid – Beyond The Aeons (Reigning Phoenix)
Old Horn Tooth – Mourning Light (London Doom Collective)
Orden Ogan – The Order Of Fear (Reigning Phoenix)
Rainswept – No Threats Allowed (Time To Kill)
Scuba Cop – Scuba Pop (Self)
Selias – Headshot (Sleaszy Rider)
Sijjeel – Affiliation Of Horrid Containment (Comatose)
Steinras – Steinras (Soulseller)
Thunder Horse – Dead Alive In Texas (Ripple)
Torpedoes – Heaven’s Light Our Guide (Bin Liner)
Traumatomy – Triumph Of Enslavement EP (Gore House)
Visions Of Atlantis – Pirates II – Armada (Napalm)
Vulvodynia – Entabeni (Unique Leader)
Wormed – Omegon (Season Of Mist)
Xasthur – Disharmonic Variations (Lupus Lounge)

July 12, 2024

7 Seconds – Ourselves/Soulforce Revolution Re-Release (Dissonance)
Against Evil – Give ‘Em Hell (Doc Gator)
Amorphis – Tales From The Thousand Lakes (Live At Tavastia) (Reigning Phoenix)
Ananda Mida – Live At Duna Jam (Heavy Psych Sounds)
Blood Feast – Infinite Evolution (Hells Headbangers)
Cleansing Of The Temple – The Devil Knows My Name (Rottweiler)
Cranial Disorder – Congenita Depravity (Lethal Scissor)
Dark Mile – Dark Mile (Pride & Joy)
Diskord/ATVM – Bipolarities Split (Transcending Obscurity)
In Hearts Wake – Incarnation (UNFD)
Kommandant – Exhibition Of Conquest (ATMF)
Legions Of The Night – Darkness (Pride & Joy)
Lord Buffalo – Holus Bolus (Blues Funeral)
Mothman And The Thunderbirds – Portal Hopper (Self)
Mr. Big – Ten (Frontiers)
Nava Calma – The Full Weight Of Everything (Stellar Frequencies)
Nine Stones Close – Diurnal (Self)
Obscene – Agony & Wounds (Nameless Grave)
Orb – Tailem Bend (Fuzz Club)
Plutocracy Planet – Plutocracy Planet
Psychotic Waltz – Into The Everflow Re-Release (InsideOut)
Psychotic Waltz – Mosquito Re-Release (InsideOut)
Psychotic Waltz – To Chase The Stars (Demos 1987-1989) (InsideOut)
Sars – Nothing Hurts Quite Like Life (Time To Kill)
Scarcity – The Promise Of Rain (The Flenser)
Seth – La France des Maudits (Season Of Mist)
Skelethal – Within Corrosive Continuums (Hells Headbangers)
Speed – Only One Mode (Flatspot)
Thirteen Goats – Capricorn Rising (Exitus Strategem)
Through Mists – Branches (Self)
Tim Montana – Savage (Music Knox)
Totengott – Beyond The Veil (Hammerheart)
Turin – The Unforgiving Reality In Nothing (MNRK Heavy)
Vanhelgd – Atropos Doctrina (Dark Descent)
Voice – Holy Or Damned (Massacre)
Vuur & Zijde – Boezem (Prophecy)
Wallop – Hell On Wheels (MDD)
Windwalker – Hyperviolence (Fearless)

July 19, 2024

Atavistia – Inane Ducam EP (Self)
Beasto Blanco – Kinetica (COP International)
Black Lava – The Savage Winds Of Wisdom (Season Of Mist)
Castrated – Surgical Vicissitude EP (Comatose)
Ceremony Of Silence – Halios (Willowtip)
Deep Purple – =1 (earMusic)
Eternal Drak – Imprisoned Souls (Exitus Strategem)
Falcon Trails – Coming Home (Metalville)
Februus – Surveillance Orgy (Transcending Obscurity)
The Hayleys – Torakka EP (Gorba)
Her Head’s On Fire – Strange Desires (Iodine)
Ireful – Agents Of Doom (Xtreem)
Jupiter Cyclops – Age Of The UFOnaut (Rockshots)
Open Surgery – Absolute Destruction EP (BVR)
Orange Goblin – Science, Not Fiction (Peaceville)
Patriarchs In Black – Visioning (Metalville)
Quiescent Mantis – Here Comes The Swarm (Exitus Strategem)
Sable Hills – Odyssey (Arising Empire)
Saint Diablo – The Reckoning (Eclipse)
Shallow Side – Reflections (Thermal)
Shun – Dismantle (Small Stone)
Thousand Limbs – The Aurochs (Azathoth)
Trail Of Lies – Only The Strong (Triple B)
Unholy – Demology (Svart)
Uprising – III (AOP)
Werewolves – Die For Us (Self)
Worshipper – One Way Trip (Magnetic Eye)

July 26, 2024

Category 7 – Category 7 (Metal Blade)
ColdCell – Age Of Unreason (AOP)
Curse Upon A Prayer – The Worship: Orthoprax Satanism (Inverse)
Death Racer – From Gravel To Grave (Dying Victims)
Demon Spell – Evil Nights EP (Dying Victims)
Dogs D’Amour – Dynamite China Years – Complete Recordings 1988-1993 Box Set (HNE)
Duskwalker – Underground Forever (Black Lion)
Falling In Reverse – Popular Monsters (Epitaph)
Ghost – Rite Here Rite Now: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Loma Vista)
Grid – The World Before Us (Self)
Herzblut – Radikal Verliebt (Dead Serious)
Intolerance – Waking Nightmares Of An Endless Void (Memento Mori/Godz Ov War)
Ivory Primarch – The Portrait (Syrup Moose)
IX Of Blades – Death Card In Reverse EP (Self)
Krypticy – The Non-Return (Memento Mori)
Mean Mistreater – Razor Wire (Dying Victims)
Nether – The Blood Of Rats (Void Wanderer)
Oresund Space Collective – Orgone Unicorn (Laser’s Edge)
Painted Shield – Painted Shield 3 (Loosegroove)
Pohl – Mysteries (Wrong Speed)
Powerwolf – Wake Up The Wicked (Napalm)
Respire – Hiraeth (Dine Alone)
Sacri Monti – Retrieval (Tee Pee)
Soulbound – obsYdian (Metalville)
State Faults – Children Of The Moon (Deathwish)
Summoning The Lich – Under The Reviled Throne (Prosthetic)
Swaggermouth – Never Shut Up (Rock Avenue)
Uncle Slam – Will Work For Food/When God Dies Re-Release (Dissonance)
A Wake In Providence – I Write To You, My Darling Decay (Unique Leader)
Wormwitch – Wormwitch (Profound Lore)

August 2, 2024

Asenblut – Entfesselt (Massacre)
Carnophage – Matter Of A Darker Nature (Transcending Obscurity)
King Zog – Second Dawn (Rue Morgue)
Mister Misery – Mister Misery (AFM)

August 9, 2024

And So I Watch You From Afar – Megafauna (Pelagic/Velocity)
Grinspoon – whatever, whatever (Self)
HammerFall – Avenge The Fallen (Nuclear Blast)
Heilung – Lifa Iotungard (Season Of Mist)
Kurokuma – Of Amber And Sand (Self)
Mamaleek – Vida Blue (The Flenser)
Monument Of Misanthropy – Vile Postmortem Irrumatio (Transcending Obscurity)
Oxygen Destroyer – Guardian Of The Universe (Redefining Darkness)
Siamese – Elements (Long Branch)

August 16, 2024

Avernus – Grievances (M-Theory)
Dark Tranquillity – Endtime Signals (Century Media)
Death League – <Inferno (Theogonia)
Evilyn – Mondestrunken (Transcending Obscurity)
Left To Suffer – Leap Of Death (Self)
Thermality – The Final Hours (Black Lodge)
Yosemite In Black – The Pursuit Of (Terminus Hate City)

August 23, 2024

All For Metal – Gods Of Metal (Reigning Phoenix)
Earth Lux – Earth Lux (Metalville)
Eyes Of The Oak – Neolithic Flint Dagger (Self)
Ezkaton – Synaestesis Monologue (Maa)
Immortal Sÿnn – Hellspawn EP (Heavy Metal)
Nile – The Underworld Awaits Us All (Napalm)
Nino Helfrich – Shadow Empress (Self)
Rising Insane – Wildfires (Long Branch)
Siege Perilous – Creation’s Call EP (Self)
Silvera – World Behind Doors (Mighty)
Simone Simons – Vermillion (Nuclear Blast)
Zeal & Ardor – Greif (Self)

August 30, 2024

Anciients – Beyond The Reach Of The Sun (Season Of Mist)
Cult Of Orpist – Attack Of The Zombies Cans (Brutal)
Entropy – Dharmakaya (Crazysane)
Ishtar Terra – Isolator EP (Self)
Norna – Norna (Pelagic)
Rezet – Rezet (Violent Creek)
Temple Witch – Ocean Thousand, Mountain Thousand (Wormholedeath)
Wunderhorse – Midas (Communion/Mick)

September 6, 2024

Bodysnatcher – Vile Conduct EP (MNRK Heavy)
Boston Manor – Sundiver (SharpTone)
The Cold Stares – The Southern (Mascot)
Future Palace – Distortion (Arising Empire)

September 13, 2024

GWAR – Hell-O! 36th Anniversary Edition (Pit)
Sans Froid – Hello, Boil Brain (Self)
Silent Theory – Tell Us How It Ends (ONErpm)
Val Experience Band – Osmium (Self)
Victory – Circle Of Life (AFM)
Wake The Nations – Heartageddon (Inverse)
Zetra – Zetra (Nuclear Blast)

September 20, 2024

Blutgott – Dracul Drakorgoth (Massacre)
Charlotte Wessels – The Obsession (Napalm)
Crimson Veil – Hex (Reigning Phoenix)
Death By Gong – Descalator (Crazysane)
Eva Can’t – Emisferi (My Kingdom)
Kanonenfieber – Die Urkatastrophe (Century Media)
Nightwish – Yesterwynde (Nuclear Blast)
Serious Black – Rise Of Akhenaton (AFM)

September 27, 2024

Bewitcher – Spell Shock (Century Media)

October 4, 2024

The Blood Brothers – Crimes Re-Release (Epitaph)
D-A-D – Speed Of Darkness (AFM)
Feldspar – Old City, New Ruins (Time To Kill)
Fervents – Plastic Snake Factory EP (Capitane)
Sugar Horse – Grand Scheme Of Things (Pelagic)

October 11, 2024

Kaivs – After The Flesh (Brutal)
Michael Des Barres – It’s Only Rock N’ Roll (Rock Ridge)

Albums Previously Released

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