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The Australian band Aversions Crown recently released their latest album Xenocide, their first with vocalist Mark Poida. Guitarist Mick Jeffery gives us the scoop on the album and other topics.

Chad Bowar: How did the vocalist change affect the songwriting process for Xenocide?

Mick Jeffery: Writing songs with Mark Poida’s vocals in mind definitely opened up some new possibilities. He has a huge vocal range, and is really creative with phrasing. The band is definitely heavier sounding now.

What will be your strongest memory of the recording of the album?

We had a chalkboard on the wall in the studio. Every time someone finished their parts for a song they had to draw a picture on the chalkboard. There were some pretty genius pictures on there by the end. But it’s a good thing we are musicians not artists.

How has the band’s sound shifted/evolved from your earlier records?

I think we’ve become better musicians and matured as song writers. Xenocide is a more focused sounding album than our previous ones. It basically just sounds like a better version of Aversions Crown.

Is there a lyrical theme or thread?

Mark did write a concept story that flows through the songs on the album. All the songs do stand on their own as well. We don’t like to delve too deeply into the concept, rather we let the listener draw their own conclusions and interpret the lyrics in their own way.

What has been your most memorable Aversions Crown live show or tour?

For me the Taste Of Anarchy tour in Europe was the most fun I’ve ever had on the road. It was with Nasty, Malevolence, Sand, and Vitja. Really diverse lineup with great bands and great guys. I miss all the boys!

What are your upcoming tour plans, and do you plan a North American tour this album cycle?

We’ve just announced a co-headline tour around Australia with Boris The Blade. We actually have something in the works for North America, we’re hoping to get over there for their Spring. Europe is on the cards as well, we’ve been confirmed for a bunch of their summer festivals and we’re looking forward to getting back there in July/August.

What’s the heavy music scene like in Brisbane?

Brisbane has always produced good heavy bands. It’s great having venues like Crowbar and Brightside catering for heavy music, but I think the all ages scene is suffering a bit at the moment with lack of venues.

What are your all time top 5 favorite Australian metal bands?

Lord/Dungeon, Parkway Drive, Psycroptic, Thy Art Is Murder and Henry’s Anger.

What’s currently in your heavy musical rotation?

Fuck You And Die – Elements of Instability, Ocean Grove – The Rhapsody Tapes and Malevolence – Reign Of Suffering

Anything else you’d like to mention or promote?

Co-headline tour with Boris the Blade this June!

(interview published February 8, 2017)

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