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Furyborn is the second album from Chaos Magic. After working with Timo Tolkki on her debut, vocalist Caterina Nix collaborated with producer Nasson this time around. Nix gets us up to speed on the new album, the variety of guests, tour plans, the metal scene in Chile and other topics.

Chad Bowar: How did you put the lineup together for Furyborn?
Caterina Nix: I had been working with Carlos Hernandez (drums), Nasson (guitar, voice, production, songwriting), Mario Torres (guest guitar) and Hermount Folatre (bass) for a while, playing the previous Chaos Magic album’s songs. We had toured together (except Hermaunt) and I was aware of their style and their abilities, and we also share a special bond. So it made sense to work with them in the recording of the album.

Describe the songwriting process for the album.
My personal process begins almost always by improvising a melody to which I add chords and lyrics. I then work (in this case with Nasson and Franco Lama) in the definitive version of the song, adding the instruments and percussion. I have a wonderful creative chemistry both with Nass and Franco and every song was a delight to make.

What will be your strongest memory of the recording of the album?
Besides that feeling of being “in love” with all the songs and the rush of creating something new from your guts, I found out that I was pregnant right in the middle of the recordings and somehow, my body felt different, I was more tired but as driven as always. I think I had to push myself a bit harder to achieve the results I wanted, and Nass was there motivating me and directing me in the studio to get everything done, and done well.

How has your sound evolved from Chaos Magic?
As for the sound evolving from the previous Chaos Magic album, I have to point out that the latter was created and produced by Timo, so I didn’t feel like interfering in his creative process and I just sang my heart out. Yet, in Furyborn, I was given the green light to proceed with my own vision and I had a very clear sound in mind. Chaos Magic was definitely symphonic metal, but Furyborn is a lot more eclectic, with a much heavier presence of the guitars and I use other aspects of my voice as opposed to Chaos Magic.

What inspired your lyrics for the album?
Some songs have been in my mind for years, waiting to come to light, so those are more personal, just inspired in previous experiences. But I also wanted to do a few uplifting songs such as “Path of the Brave” which speaks about the music industry where you are trying to thrive in, and “Bravely Beautiful,” which brings up the subject of being proud of your scars and your personal history. “Furyborn,” on the other hand, talks about modern society and how higher powers try to manipulate us for the benefit of a few.

How did Tom Englund, Ailyn and Ronnie Romero’s guest appearances come about, and what impact did that have on the album?
These are such amazing voices that I had on my radar for quite a bit. So for Tom, Nass and I created the song “Furyborn,” having his voice in mind, yet we hadn’t even talked about it with him. We were just hoping he’d agree to sing in it, and he did!

As for Ronnie, I also made the song “Path of the Brave” for him to sing with me, because I know about his path and efforts to get to where he is right now. Ronnie is super nice and kind and we had the chance to meet a couple of times cause stars just aligned for us to work together. We are both Chilean and working with Frontiers at the time, so conditions were perfect. In the case of Aylin, I was looking for a beautiful sweet voice to sing a duet for a very special song called “Bravely Beautiful,” and she did an amazing job.

What are your goals and expectations for the album?
I really hope it can get us touring, it’s what we love. Playing live and singing and playing your hearts out is just amazing.

How was the video shoot for “Like Never Before”?
Cold! We shot the video at Embalse el Yeso in my country Chile, in the middle of the mountains, but it was really fun, especially going there with the band and just shoot and enjoy our time together.

How important are videos these days?
I think they are very good tools for spreading the word about your work, especially with platforms like YouTube and Vimeo, besides, the music business is getting more and more virtual. The internet and its platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Spotify are fundamental.

Do you have any plans to play live shows or tour in support of the album?
Yes, absolutely, we’re searching for good opportunities to play live. We just supported Vuur and Delain, and we had a blast.

You were once in a Rush tribute band. What’s your favorite Rush song?
“2112,” “Closer to the Heart.”

Is there a strong metal scene in Chile?
Yes, there is. However, the audience has a very strong tendency to prefer foreign bands over local ones. At times there’s a certain animosity against the local product. I really hope this changes as years go by.

What are some of your non-musical interests and hobbies?
I love cats so I rescue whenever I can. I like working out very much, I have a day job (lawyer), I recently became a mom, so I try to be balanced with my time.

What’s currently in your heavy musical rotation?
Soen, Evergrey, Fear Factory, Myrath, Sixx Am, Black Label Society, Symphony X, Lacuna Coil, Whitesnake, Opeth, Amaranthe, Katatonia, Rammstein…. I could go on for hours.

Anything else you’d like to mention or promote?
Sure! Visit my Instagram and Facebook pages for updates and exclusive look to making ofs, live shows, tour dates and much more! Remember Furyborn will be released on June 14!

(interview published June 14, 2019)

Watch Chaos Magic – “Like Never Before” Video

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