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The Indiana thrash/death metal band Demiricous reformed a few years ago after a several year break. They just released Chaotic Lethal, their first new album in 15 years. Drummer Dustin Boltjes fills us in on the band’s past, present and future.

Chad Bowar: Why did the band go on hiatus a decade or so ago?
Dustin Boltjes: Unfortunately we put our financial trust in someone who made some very bad decisions and ultimately bankrupted the band.

What led to your reunion a few years back?
At the time, i was playing full time in Skeletonwitch, and had a lengthy stretch of downtime, so I reached out to the guys, and everyone was into it. And to our surprise, it was massively successful.

How did the songwriting process for Chaotic Lethal compare to your first two albums?
In the past, there was always pressure. Go, go go! Get another album out, etc. This time around, we were completely able to do things at our own pace. And as a result, I believe this is absolutely our strongest material we have ever written.

What will be your strongest memory of the recording of the album?
For myself, all of the fun we had in post production and mixing. Being able to experiment with different nuances and textures. I absolutely love that process of producing a record.

Did the pandemic affect the process?
It certainly did. It happened during the writing process, so it definitely derailed the momentum of things. But thankfully we bounced back pretty quickly.

How has the band’s sound evolved since Two (Poverty)?
I’d say more than anything, we are just more mature as players and song writers. This time around, the whole process of writing Chaotic Lethal felt much more natural. When we were writing Poverty, we were in between touring, and so everything felt a bit more forced. Like “hurry up! This has to be finished now!” With Chaotic Lethal, it all came together very naturally.

How did you come to sign with Post. Recordings?
We have been friends with the Post guys for years. When word got around that we were doing a new record, they reached out to us, expressing interest. And really it was a no brainer. Work with your friends and do things casually? Hell yes, sign us up!

After 15 years between albums, what are you goals and expectations for Chaotic Lethal?
I think the only real expectation is to continue to stay on the path of just doing things our way. In the past, there were a lot of other hands making decisions for us, and it ultimately destroyed the band. We can now dictate every move. If an opportunity comes along, and it makes sense, we can do it. We are just stoked to be back to doing what we love.

How has the response been to your first few singles from the album?
Overwhelming. The feedback has been amazing, and it feels really awesome to see people excited about the band again. And so far, the reviews have been stellar!

What are your upcoming show/tour plans?
We have a sold out record release show in a few weeks in Indianapolis. Some regional dates here and there. We would all love to do more, it all really depends on what opportunities come our way.

What’s the most unusual venue the band has played?
That’s a tough one. Lots of DIY spaces, etc. My most memorable experience was a basement show, where the room was so tiny, once the gear was all set up, there was only room for like 10 ppl to watch the show. Everyone else had to stand on the stairs, or just listen from upstairs. (laughs)

What’s your favorite way to occupy your time on the road?
For me, writing other music, reading music autobiographies, and listening to tons of music in my headphones.

What was the response to last year’s new Chrome Waves album?
Really great. Being in that band was a great experience, and i really enjoyed the time I spent with them. That record is stellar, and I’m very proud of my performance on it.

Is it challenging to balance multiple bands, especially as you get older and have more obligations?
Definitely. But ultimately I’m a glutton for music projects. It’s hard for me to say no if it’s something I’m really into. But yes, as I get older, it certainly becomes more of a challenge to delegate my time properly. I pretty much never sleep.

You’ve been in bands in numerous genres. What styles do you listen to the most?
Oh man, my tastes are all over the place. But I would say most recently, over the last few years i have become more obsessed with film scores and synth driven music. I am a huge fan of John Carpenter, Goblin, Ennio Morricone, Hans Zimmerman, etc. and am really trying to get more involved in film scoring production. I am currently
working on my first score for a short horror film, and hoping this will lead to more opportunities. Other than that, I just listen to a lot of Judas Priest. (laughs)

How’s the heavy music scene in Indianapolis these days?
Thriving! Indianapolis has always had a really great music scene, that unfortunately goes unnoticed a lot of the time. Some newer bands you should definitely check out are Obscene, Mother of Graves, Angel-Maker, Drude, and GraveRipper to name a few.

Anything else you’d like to mention or promote?
Just go listen to our new record. NOW!

(interview published May 13, 2022)

Listen To Demiricous – “Smoke Chaser”

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