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Not much has to be said for Teutonic thrash legends Destruction, who alongside Sodom and Kreator created a sound that would influence death metal in ways that maybe American thrash would not. Being formed back in 1982, it should surprise absolutely nobody that this is the band’s sixteenth official foray into a full length LP with Born to Perish. What does the band bring to the table nearly 40 years after forming?

Still holding firm with Schmier on vocals and founding guitarist Mike Sifringer, the rest of the lineup is brand new with drummer Randy Black and lead guitarist Damir Eskic added to round out the legendary band’s foursome. You would hardly notice the band being any different than on any of their more recent material as this is classic Destruction, especially if you have been paying attention to things post The Antichrist.

The album’s title track/opener is a thrash tour de force and an excellent primer for those listeners who might be less familiar with Destruction overall. Schmier’s vocals are grimy and shouted and fall in line with great riffing that is worthy of moshing.

While not as raucous as fellow countrymen Tankard, Destruction certainly do their part with tracks like “Inspired By Death” and “Butchered For Life” which should both become live staples for the band as the guitar interplay with Schmier’s vocals is something to behold, almost like how vintage Halford would interact with Downing and Tipton. The band even gets a bit more real with a track focusing on the missing Malaysian flight from a few years back with “Fatal Flight 17”; not something this German crew normally tackle,s but a welcome breath of fresh air.

2019 needs more fun and furious music, so why not get the thrash legends involved here with Sacred Reich releasing something new on the horizon it sure is a fun time to be a fan of the thrash of yore.

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Watch Destruction – “Betrayal”

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