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German thrash legends Destruction return with another fine offering of thrash metal in Diabolical. The said album is monumental as it marks 40 years for the band. Diabolical is a very comprehensive Destruction album. While it’s a modern album with modern production values, many of the riffs recall ‘80s metal and thrash. It’s a very heavy album, maybe one of the heaviest of their career.

Intro “Under The Spell” kicks off the record with a short ambient intro before launching into a melodic section with military-style drumming. Then the title track kicks in and all hell breaks loose with a mix of monster grooves and fluid picking. Schmier belts out one of his signature screams.

“No Faith in Humanity” initiates more killer riffage. The album is full of great riffs. Destruction have always created catchy riffs and this album is no exception. “Tormented Soul” contains some of the best grooves on the album. However, the next track, “Servant of the Beast” out performs this song. I’m sure everyone will have their own favorite song. This is mine on the album.

Schmier is perhaps best known for his aggressive vocals with occasional eagle screams. His bass work tends to get overlooked. His bass on this album is very audible and makes a major impact on the album, overall. It serves to thicken tracks like “No Faith in Humanity.” “Repeat Your Sins” even features a brief bass solo to fill in between the staccato rhythm.

Destruction’s early material such as Infernal Overkill was classic German thrash metal. For that reason, some fans only dig the early material. Destruction have remained pretty consistent with the quality of their music. Schmier was out of the band for a while in the ‘90s, and returned with one of the best comeback albums of 2000, All Hell Breaks Loose. That album and the one that followed it, Antichrist, were excellent releases, some of the best thrash in the early new millennium. Again, some fans overlook this material, but it was great, as is Diabolical. Bang your head ‘till your dead!

(released April 8, 2022 on Napalm Records)

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