Genghis Tron – Dream Weapon Review

Relapse Records

Well renowned in the metal world for their dizzying ability to seamlessly weave together metal and electronica, Genghis Tron return after a long hiatus. It happened so long ago that it was announced via the band’s MySpace page in 2010.

Exit vocalist Mookie Singerman and enter Tony Wolski and drummer Nick Yacyshyn. Otherwise Dream Weapon is brought to you by the same people who put together the excellent Board Up The House. What does Genghis Tron sound like after all this time away?

Dream Weapon opens with a soft intro and goes right into the first single from the album, namely “Pyrocene,” which may have the most natural of rock sensibilities of all the album’s eight tracks. But this is a good introduction to the 2021 iteration of the band. This is not a metal album. It is a lot closer to a My Bloody Valentine or a Mazzy Star album than say hearkening back to Board Up The House.

The title track starts off with some excellent drums which give way to more dreamy vocals courtesy of Wolski and finally Hamilton Jordan’s guitar playing. “Great Mother” is a closer full of weight, a song that fits the album well and their new vocalist’s style very well in a Cynic meets Daft Punk kind of way with a lot more in the way of a shoegaze structure. It really encapsulates this newer sound from Genghis Tron in earnest.

Longtime fans of Genghis Tron looking for the combination of sounds from the past may be disappointed, as this is not the same band from a dozen years ago. They are a band with a newly found identity and dreamy atmospheres with layers and layers of electronic music. Dream Weapon feels like an apt title for the album as this is the kind of music that will slowly lull you to sleep and have you explore the cosmos, night after night.

(released March 26, 2021 on Relapse Records)

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