Lamb Of God – Omens Review

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Omens is the latest album and ninth overall from Richmond, Virginia’s resident scene veterans Lamb Of God. It sees Randy Blythe and crew as angry and cohesive as ever.

Opening with “Nevermore” you get the band’s classic sound including but not limited to Mark Morton and Willie Adler’s rhythm section buoyed by fellow founding bassist John Campbell and the second full length appearance by drummer Arturo Cruz. Blythe isn’t afraid to slow things down like he does in the midsection here given the punch in the gut the listener receives on re-entry back into the fray.

“To The Grave” plods along with excellent drum work giving Blythe the chance to fully ply his trade of angered growls, something longtime fans are sure to connect with. On “Ditch” you get about as straightforward a Lamb of God song as offered on Omens, complete with a chantable midsection starting with a “Down, down in a ditch” before he deals with the trials and tribulations of a beleaguered life. The song quiets before the band brings the noise back slowly at first and quickens their pace with a final salvo allowing the chorus to hit hard one more time.

The title track provides a perfect LoG single, one that gets fans excited for a new album and this hits hard on every front, riffs crash and ride the double bass drums while Blythe continues his longstanding aural assault. It makes for the perfect kind of opening track at a live show, with energy at an absolute premium here.

Fans of metal need no introduction to a band of Lamb of God’s stature, but that shouldn’t dissuade you from picking up Omens. This album is one of the band’s best and a perfect example of a band that shows no signs of stopping nearly 25 years after getting started. A solid and fun effort all around.

(released October 7, 2022 on Epic Records)

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