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Twenty albums in and no signs of stopping seems pretty par for the course for New Jersey metal titans Overkill, and Scorched is no exception.

The opening salvo and title track is a great example of how this unit has been able to not only survive over the years but thrive among bands that are more than half their age. Overkill have been active for over 40 years! Infinitely chantable sections begging for fists to be pumped high in the air show how they can play to global audiences with ease.

“The Surgeon” begins with speedy and silly vocals from Bobby Blitz, the band’s make them or break them front man for their entire run and a metal character voice for the ages. The guitar section of Dave Linsk and Derek Tailer is as strong as ever, showing their 20 plus years of experience helping to craft Overkill songs for the next generation of fans, even slowing to a crawl which allows Blitz to again take control in both sung and shouted fashion.

Slowing things down a bit is “Wicked Place” chugging along with the guitars and drums balancing out Blitz’s manic melodicism and D.D. Verni’s bass’ swaying off in the distance before the high-octane antics kick into gear. “Harder They Fall” is a barnburner of a track that sees the band seemingly relishing in the demise of someone who bit off more than they could chew, allowing for a great chorus and solos to set this one up as one of the best on this B-side.

New Jersey metal is indebted to very few bands, one of whom is Overkill. In their longstanding career of releasing albums, this is the first time they have gone four years between studio albums (The Wings Of War came out in February of 2019).

Legends in performance and longevity, Scorched is another album in a long line of successes for the band and one of their three best albums since 2000, a list that also includes Ironbound and The Grinding Wheel. You can’t go wrong with this one, this is classic thrash, this is Overkill!

(released April 14, 2023 on Nuclear Blast)

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