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Ahoy mateys! This week we sail the ocean blue with our featured Meet The Band group, Rumahoy. The North Carolina pirate metal scalawags just released their full-length debut The Triumph Of Piracy. Captain Yarrface is the rum-swilling leader of this band of musical buccaneers, and introduces us to Rumahoy.

Chad Bowar: Give us a brief history of Rumahoy.
Captain Yarrface: Ahoy! The genesis of Rumahoy is a long and epic tale of yarr. It was a summer’s day filled with heritage and yarr, and i was standing in a tavern in Ocracoke (our hometown) firing my gun into the sky. The loud noise attracted the attention of some other pirates, namely Cabinboy Treasurequest, Bootsman Walktheplank and Swashbuckling Pete. We all shared a love of the sea and drinking rum, so we decided to start a band. Naturally they chose me, Captain Yarrface, the greatest living pirate in all of North Carolina, to be the singer and leader of the band, as I already held the rank of Captain. The rest, as they say, is pirate history.

For those not familiar, describe North Carolina’s pirate history.
As you will definitely know, the most famous pirate of all time (apart from me, Captain Yarrface), was the legendary Edward “Blackbeard” Teach. And he lived and died in our hometown of Ocracoke! I’d like to think I’m directly descended from him. Of course there’s no proof, but it’s a 100 percent verifiable fact. So of course our state has a vast history of heritage and piracy. There were other less famous pirates from the area too, but their names do not matter.

Describe the songwriting and recording process for The Triumph Of Piracy.
Myself (Captain Yarrface) and our guitar player (Bootsman Walktheplank) spent the last two years locked away in the hold of our pirate ship composing this album. Walktheplank is the greatest guitar player i’ve ever met; his shreddage ability is beyond compare. I write the lyrics myself, making sure that they are fully capturing the heritage and power of real pirates, by using such words as yarr and ahoy in great measure. We recorded the album ourselves on our ship, but of course we left the mixing job to the talented Lasse Lammert, who has worked with all the famous pirate metal bands (Running Wild, Yarhook, Deathgrog, etc). He did an excellent job, you can almost hear the sound of the ocean in the recordings!

How was the video shoot for “Forest Party”?
It was a day filled with piracy yarr! We traveled to the ancient mountains of Pisgah National Forest in North Carolina to record it. Our trusty First Mate Jaraad Nageer was tasked with shooting the video. He is a director of much renown, and he has much prowess in plundering wenches. So of course he was perfect to work with Rumahoy. We spent two days and nights just drinking heavily and singing the song, and capturing the whole thing on film. So what you see is the natural Rumahoy experience!

How did you come to sign with Napalm Records?
We were contacted by many labels who wanted to sign the mighty Rumahoy, but we had to turn them down after researching their business practices and finding that they were not fully invested in stealing treasure, drinking rum and other activities. It was only when Admiral Thomas Caser from Napalm Records approached us, we decided to accept. His pirating skills are legendary, and he was so desperate to sign us he gave us the largest album advance any band has ever received on the label. Ahoy!

What are your goals and expectations for the album?
Since we are a new band, we don’t have any unrealistic expectations. We expect it’ll maybe sell 40,000-50,000 copies in the first year, but of course when you hear our second album, that’s when the fame and legend of Rumahoy will truly begin! This will all take time, and rum, ahoy!

What has the early response been like?
So many pirates have told us that they love the album! The reception has been overwhelmingly positive; there’s a real buzz in the heritage metal scene surrounding Rumahoy. We’ll be drinking lots of rum and ale to celebrate the release, and I hope you’ll join us!

What has been your most memorable Rumahoy live show?
We once played a show on the beach in our home town of Ocracoke. We were having such a good time we didn’t realize the tide was coming in. By the end of it we were up to our knees in water. Of course, we are true pirates so this does not bother us; we carried on playing regardless!

You have a tour with Alestorm coming up. With so many pirates in one place, do you anticipate any problems?
There will certainly be problems. I expect the other pirate bands may become jealous of our manly pirate prowess. Captain Yarrface (that is me) is the greatest pirate of all time, and I can drink any other pirate under the table! Especially that weedy wimp Elliot Vernon from Alestorm. I don’t even think he likes rum!

What other touring do you have coming up?
We have plans to tour all over Europe, and of course our home country of the USA! Nothing is impossible for Rumahoy!

What is your favorite brand of rum, or do you drink different brands depending on the situation?
Kill Devil Pecan Honey Rum, made locally in the Outer Banks! It is the taste of piracy and yarr!

If someone wants to become a pirate, what’s the best way to do so?
Step 1: Buy some rum. Step 2: Buy a gun. Step 3: Drink your rum. Step 4: Fire your gun.

What is the difference between plundering and pillaging?
The difference is subtle, but it is there! When you are plundering, you have to say ahoy lots while stealing treasure. When you are pillaging, you have to say yarr while disgracing some wenches.

Does it make you angry when someone says Avast when they mean Ahoy?
What matters is that someone is attempting to recapture the lost heritage and language of their pirate ancestors. Saying avast is a good start. One day they may become the greatest pirate of all, so we must never judge an aspiring pirate too harshly!

How difficult is it for a pirate to get through airport security?
I wouldn’t know! We sail everywhere in our pirate ship! After all, you can’t take guns on an airplane, and that will not stand with Rumahoy!

Who are your all-time top 5 pirates?
1. Daniel Huffman, 2. Captain Yarrface, 3. Bootsman Walktheplank, 4. Cabinboy Treasurequest, 5. Swashbuckling Pete

Anything else you’d like to mention or promote?
Remember to never fire your gun unless you’re drinking rum!

(interview published February 10, 2018)

Watch Rumahoy – “Forest Party”

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