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Sinner Sinners
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We’re spotlighting the group Sinner Sinners in this week’s Meet The Band. Their latest album is Optimism Disorder. Frontman Steve Thill introduces us to Sinner Sinners.

Chad Bowar: Give us a brief history of Sinner Sinners.
Steve Thill: We started the band in 2009 as a couple/duo, moved from France to Los Angeles in 2010 and have been going back and forth since then. We are a six-piece live band which is a lot of noise and a lot of fun.

Describe the songwriting process for Optimism Disorder.
It took quite a while. It starts with a guitar or bass riff usually, and all the music is written around this. I don’t start working on lyrics or even the vocal parts until everything else is recorded.

What led you to record in Joshua Tree, California, and how was the experience?
We became good friend with Dave Catching on tour and we played a show for his birthday. Then he invited us to record at Rancho. It was awesome, we stayed a few days, removed from all the noise and distractions of Los Angeles to just be able to focus on writing and recording while we were there.

How has the band’s sound evolved on this one?
Hard to say, we listen to a lot of different things at different times. Our goal is to make sure our records all sound very different. We wanted some slower, more rocking songs on this one since the previous one was very punk.

What led to the darker lyrical turn?
2015/2016 was a pretty dark time for us. I got pretty depressed at the time I was writing these lyrics and it was actually good therapy.

How did you decide to cover the Electric Prunes song “I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night)”?
I was listening to the Nuggets compilations on repeat growing up, always wanted to cover a song from this compilation and “Too Much Too Dream” felt like it made sense, it has the vibe we’re going for.

How did Jesse Hughes’ (Eagles Of Death Metal) appearance come about, and why flute instead of guest vocals?
We started talking about him doing a featured guest spot long before we started writing this album. He’s a very close friend and is usually the first one to hear every step of the record (rough tracks, mix, master, etc.). We chose the flute because it had to be an unexpected instrument. He blew us away playing it and it was perfect for the song.

What are your expectations for the album?
No less than quadruple platinum. (laughs)

You’re in the midst of a European tour. Do you have US shows coming up?
Yes, we have a release party and we will be touring very soon hopefully on both coasts.

What do you the people you’ve talked with there think about Trump and current U.S. policies?
It seems they don’t care too much. He’s not extensively covered like in the US where it’s in every headline. What is obvious is that Obama was liked and respected in Europe, this new guy has become the world’s biggest joke. I’m afraid American-bashing is back in full force like it was in the Bush years. (laughs)

When you’re on the road do you make an effort to see the local sights if time permits?
As much as we can, it’s usually a very tight schedule but we always try to wake up early to get a few hours before load in and walk around town.

What’s currently in your heavy musical rotation?
Frank Carter And The Rattle Snakes, Post Pop Depression (still)

(interview published March 11, 2017)

Watch Sinner Sinners – “Last Drop” Video

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