Spectral Apparition – Manifestation Review

Spectral Apparition - Manifestation
Invictus Productions

There is scant information available about the U.K.’s Spectral Apparition other than Manifestation being the first recorded output from the band. Manifestation, a three-song EP, is being given a digital release through Bandcamp and on cassette via Invictus Productions.

Spectral Apparition are primarily a death metal band with a deeply heavy sound, a murky production, and a generally fast approach. Riffs tend to fly fast and furious, sitting alongside growled vocals and with plenty of blastbeats.

An obvious influence would be Incantation, and the term “dark death metal” would apply to Spectral Apparition’s sound. However, moments of both doom metal and black metal creep in, primarily through downshifts in tempo and through plenty of atmosphere. Despite the murkiness, a few odd moments of melody make appearances here and there along with a few guitar solos.

There’s nothing particularly groundbreaking about Manifestation, but this twenty minute EP resides very nicely at the intersection of death metal, black metal and doom metal. Manifestation is a good introduction to Spectral Apparition if nothing else, and whets the appetite for further releases.

(released January 6, 2017 on Invictus Productions)

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