Wormrot – Voices Review

Wormrot - Voices
Earache Records

Singapore’s grindcore maelstrom Wormrot return with Voices, the trio’s first full-length album since 2011’s Dirge. They did release a 5 minute EP Noise in 2011 and contributed seven tracks to the 2012 compilation Thrashcore Ball VI.

Voices picks up right where Dirge left off with a 20-song assault that clocks in at just over 28 minutes. Voices is packed with blistering speed, high pitched screeches with the occasional growl added for emphasis, fast riffs that race up and down the fret board, and the occasional tempo change that downshifts to a more modest pace.

What’s most striking, however, are two elements. First, the variation in songwriting is excellent with plenty of stop on a dime tempo changes mid-song, as well as shifts in riffing throughout. There are even a few moments of mild melody in the riffing, a rarity within grindcore.

Second, the production on Voices is more organic and less muffled than what was featured on Dirge. The stopgap EP Noise  featured a better production as well, and Wormrot have continued in that direction. The better production, frankly, allows the music to breathe, resulting in a better listening experience.

Grindcore is best taken in short bursts. 20 short songs spread over 28 minutes feels just right and Wormrot have pretty much perfected their assault on Voices. From this genre, you really can’t ask for much more.

(released October 14, 2016 on Earache Records)

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Listen To Wormrot – “Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Grind”

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