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This week we’re shining the Meet The Band spotlight on Ded. The Arizona band’s debut album is Mis-An-Thrope, which has already spawned the hit single “Anti-Everything” that features a video directed by Fred Durst. Frontman Joe Cotela introduces us to his band.

Chad Bowar: Give us a brief history of Ded.
Joe Cotela: We’re all from Phoenix and came together from connecting with each other through various other bands we had been in. We wanted to create music that was heavy and dangerous, and with an attitude that we weren’t seeing or hearing anywhere else right now. It started as a passion project and its turned into a monster.

Describe the songwriting process for Mis-An-thrope.
We wrote a lot of songs, about 50 or so and narrowed it down with producer John Feldmann over about a year. David or John usually start the song and get a basic outline in the studio and then I sing over it. It all comes together organically.

How did you decide to work with producer John Feldmann?
John is a legend, it was a no brainer. We got in the studio with him and the chemistry made some of the raddest songs we had ever written. We really excited for everyone to hear the full album.

How would you characterize the album’s style/sound?
Its heavy, fresh metal. It’s a melting pot of everything we love in heavy music: Attitude, lyrics, vibe, groove.

What inspired the album title?
It wasn’t planned. Looking back at the lyrics and subconscious underlying theme of the lyrics, the title Mis-An-thrope made sense.

You played several US festivals over the past couple months. What were some of the highlights?
Performing to thousands of new fans was the highlight. As well as getting to watch some of our favorite bands side stage very night – that has been an incredible experience.

How does the success of “Anti-Everything” and your live shows affect your goals/expectations for the album?
We don’t have expectations, we never have since we started the band. We just do what we do because we love it – and if it works, it works.

How did the collaboration with Fred Durst on the “Anti-Everything” video come about?
Our manager Jordan Schur got it to him and he reacted. We were able to get him on board and he was awesome to work with!

How important is the visual aesthetic of the band with the white contacts, etc.?
It’s not the end all, be all…. but it’s a nice touch to what we do. It’s memorable and it creeps people out at our shows. That’s what we want, an arresting visual to make it more memorable.

How did you get started in music?
Like most people, we got our instruments growing up and played our asses off in bands. We just grew and developed separately, and it’s all come together in Ded.

What was the first concert you attended as a fan?
The first I can remember was a festival with 311, Goldfinger, Butthole Surfers, and a bunch of other acts. Not long after we saw the Family Values tour with Korn, Rammstein and Limp Bizkit.

Seen any good movies/DVDs lately?
The Jordan Peele movie Get Out was dope! Really cool and unique movie, totally dug it.

What’s currently in your heavy musical rotation?
Code Orange, Slipknot, Power Trip, Beartooth, Angel Du$t, Papa Roach, Gojira, Kendrick Lamar, Black Breath, Nails, Bring Me the Horizon, Run the Jewels.

Anything else you’d like to mention or promote?
Our new album Mis-An-thrope is out now. Order it here.  See you all on the “Serenity of Summer” Tour with Korn and Stone Sour! We also playing a bunch of festivals – follow us on social media and check out our Bands In Town page for upcoming shows.

(interview published July 22, 2017)

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