Midnight – Shox Of Violence Review

Midnight - Shox Of Violence
Hells Headbangers Records

Cleveland’s metal miscreants Midnight are a favorite of fans and critics alike. Having been active for more than a decade, the band has produced quite the discography. And when I say “the band,” I should actually be saying “the man,” as it is widely known that a single mind is responsible for the debauchery that is Midnight. He calls himself Athenar and he is set to unleash Shox of Violence upon the masses.

Shox of Violence, like most Midnight releases, is chock full off piss, vinegar, lust, violence, vengeance and Satan, of course. Four brand-new face-rippers greet the listener at the door. Each track is a brutal attack upon their every sense. “Death Scream” is a hammer to the face. The Lemmy inspired “ Who Gives A Fuck?” is a quick stick in the ribs. “Ready For Destruction,” a slice to the jugular and “Groin Gripper,” well, that one is self-explanatory.

The rest of the songs, a modest 21 bonus tracks, are various kicks and punches, intended to finish the listener for good. These consist of B-sides and excellent cover versions of songs that have, in some way, influenced Midnight over the years. Standouts include Venom’s “Too Loud For the Crowd,” and “In League With Satan,” Taipan’s “Breakout,” Quiet Riot’s “Slick Black Cadillac,” “Watch Your Step” by Girlschool, “Death Sentence,” by Crucifixion and The Spits’ “Black Kar.”

Every note of every song played and screamed to near-perfection, and with an intensity that might just melt the listeners’ speakers before melting their minds. Oh, they are already dead. After listening to Shox of Violence it is easy to see why Midnight is becoming legendary in the metal community. The music is somehow new in its familiarity. Fresh in its festering in old, and true heavy metal. Raw in its power and relatable in its simplicity. Hail Midnight!

(released February 24, 2017 on Hells Headbangers Records)

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